Where quality meets appetizing to
outcome the ultimate costumers’ satisfaction

Who We Are?

Edafco is not only invading the Egyptian market, it also widely exporting to China, Iraq, Yemen, Oman, Mali, Mauritania, Gabon and more.

All thanks to the professional performance of Edafco teams and leaders that is accompanied with their deep understanding to the markets needs and expectations, and continuous efforts in developing the products and it’s quality.

Our Vision!

To constantly boost our competitive edge along with marinating the highest quality & to aggressively invade new markets until being number one supplier in the MENA region.

Our Mission!

To widely supply local and global market with our nourishment products and to make sure that its delightful and nutritious effect is extended in every inch of our products.

Word Of CEO!

Today, consumers of food and beverage products have become the market leaders. And among so many competitors, to be a provider who stands out with superb service you got to have a unique edge. Ours is “Quality and value for money”

We know that success is always measured upon ones capabilities to respond to consumers’ needs and expectations. To be able to respond to the continuous changes in consumer’s habits, demographic structure and global population growth will always represent a huge challenge. Luckily enough, we do believe that we must satisfy them no matter what.

Accordingly, Edafco teams continuously review our plans for growth, run quality improvement and apply diversification of our products in order to be up to those challenges. We have no limits when it comes to customer satisfaction and we know how to offer a good deal of benefits! That’s why quality and value for money represent our motive and have actually become the key success elements of our business.

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